Your Chapter Needs You!

Please consider running for a position on our 2014 Board of Directors or chairing a committee. Here’s a list of the positions/members who are volunteering to run for office in our 2014 Election that will be held at the November 2013 meeting.

For more information on positions and nominations click here (requires yahoo login). The slate as of October 11, 2013 at 3:00 pm is as follows:

Board of Directors

President: Christi Barth
Vice President: Laura Thomson
Vice President Communications(includes publicity & website liaison & newsletter): Janet Mullany*
Treasurer: Toni Picker
Secretary: Shelley Greene

* Publicity: Patricia Eimer and Jamaila Brinkley
*Website Liaison: OPEN


Programming: OPEN
Hospitality: Kira Decker and Kathleen Rybarczyk
PAN Liason: Stephanie Dray
PRO Liason: Loni Glover
Indie Liason: Eliza Knight
Crit Group: Robin Covington
Online Workshop Coordinator: Eliza Knight
Baltimore Book Festival: Laura Kaye
Assistant BBF Chair: Lea Nolan