07/21/2016: Using Psychology Effectively to Enrich Your Writing

This session will focus on using the psychology of personality and motivation to help create deeper, more nuanced characters. It will also deal with how to avoid the pitfalls of writing one-dimensional villains who may be based too literally on diagnoses from psychological guidelines like the DSM. This talk will help you understand more about how to represent characters’ typical motivations and thoughts as well as how to incorporate characters with disorders or other conditions into your work in a fleshed out, non-stereotypical way.

6:30pm – 8:30pm
Linden Hall
Ellicott City, MD

Speaker: Margaret Bates

Margaret Bates graduated from Duke University with a major in psychology, a minor in Spanish and a second minor in lemur biology (no really). She likes to joke that she could psychoanalyze howler monkeys as a day job. She was studying toward her Ph.D. in developmental psychology with emphasis with an emphasis in autism intervention at The University of Alabama at Birmingham until an infection led her to leave graduate school. That opened the door to the world of fanfic writing (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and then, eventually, to ghostwriting (mainly about sheikhs). She is currently working on two different LGBT paranormal romance series for eventual self publication as well as querying agents with a couple manuscripts.