03/20/2014: Hooks and How to Use Them

Hooks are parts of our stories that keep all the other story elements moving forward. Whether a plot point, an opening or closing sentence, an emotional stage or an expected pause, hooks grab the reader’s attention. And if that reader is an editor or agent, hooking them from beginning to end is critical. Terri, a confirmed pantser, will present ways for pantsers and plotters alike to plan, plot or revise their work, so that the pacing and structure throughout their stories will hook readers and not let them go. 

6:30 – 8:30pm
Arbutus Branch Library
Arbutus, MD

Speaker: Terri Brisbin

In her previous lives, Terri has lived in ancient Egypt and medieval Scotland, but in this one she’s stuck in the wilds of southern New Jersey with a hubby (wonderful one!) and kids (three adorable and finally grown sons!). When not living the life of a glamorous romance author or suffering through deadline-binges-o-writing-mania, she spends some of her time as a dental hygienist.

Terri’s had more than 34 historical and paranormal romance novels, novellas and short stories published since 1998 and has a bunch more swirling around inside her brain, just waiting to be written. You can find out more than you need to know about Terri on her website or her Facebook pages: www.facebook.com/terribrisbin