06/15/2017: Your brand on Social Media - Strategies That Get Results

Jon Whitney will share his best tips and tools for how to grow your following and making yourself discoverable on Social Media.

6:30pm – 8:30pm
Linden Hall
Ellicott City, MD

Speaker: Jon Whitney

Jon started his career as a session musician for television and film at just 16 years old. He can be heard on shows such as Rescue 911, and America’s Most Wanted. At 21 years old he formed his own production company which led his cast to perform music in over 24 countries around the world over a 4 year period. 

Jon is also a software developer and data management specialist at the Social Security Administration and serves as a unique problem solver for Social Media and Marketing Analysis. His recommendations and unique analysis have helped radically increased the number of social media conversions in month over month comparisons. He leads by thinking outside the box that’s outside the box, which helps provide strong wins in social media, and the continued advancement of media and marketing.

He now wonders WTF he’s doing slaving away in a soul crushing job that’s thankless and diminishes his élan with every passing day.