01/24/2018: Facebook Parties

Dawn will be teaching us how to best use Facebook parties.

Speaker: Dawn Ibañez

Dawn Ibañez is a self-published author that was born and raised on Staten Island. In junior high school, Dawn discovered a passion for writing. But it was while in high school she discovered her other love, Anime. By the time she went to college, Dawn had written a number of stories for her own entertainment, as well as the entertainment of friends. While down in Norfolk, she started to write under the name Midori Bond and has produced several fanfiction stories still posted around the web.
Since leaving the fanfiction world, Dawn is now a dweller in the Paranormal Romance genre. She has always had a soft spot for creatures that go bump in the night. It led her to start her own small label, Nightwhisper Publishing, in 2009. So far, only her own novels Tangled Temptations and Precarious Possessions have been produced by it.
Dawn currently lives in Maryland with her family. Including a daughter and a Betta Fish named Sparrow. 🙂