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Baltimore Book Festival

Friday, September 27
12:00 pm Author Meet & Greet
  MRW Authors will be on hand for a casual meet and greet with readers. Come talk about books, receive promotional materials, and browse the Ukazoo bookstore!
12:15 pm Jane Austen Ficiton
  Leslie Carroll, Regina Jeffers, Janet Mullany
 1:00 pm Writing Historical Fiction
  Terri Brisbin, Stephanie Dray, Kate Quinn, Laura Tilley
2:00 pm Hot Paranormal Fiction
  Lisa Airey, Terri Brisbin, Joya Fields, Laura Kaye, Misty Waters, Rebecca York
3:00 pm Young Adult Paranormal Fiction
  Elissa Petruzzi, Moderator; Jennifer L. Armentrout, Brigid Kemmerer, Dawn Rae Miller, Lea Nolan
4:00 pm Putting the Suspense in Romance
  Robin Covington, Joya Fields, Regina Jeffers, Geri Krotow, Nancy Weeks, Rebecca York
5:00 pm Fantasy Elements in Romance
  Jennifer L. Armentrout, Catherine Asaro, Stephanie Draven, Vivi Dumas, Laura Kaye, Dawn Rae Miller
Girls’ Night Out at the BBF Sessions
6:00 pm Chocolate and Romance

Indulge your chocolate cravings with dark and delicious chocolate samples from MRW while authors talk about the entertainment appeal of romantic fiction and share readings from their latest works.

Christi Barth, Meg Cabot, Robin Covington, Laura Kaye, Christie Kelley, Eliza Knight

7:00 pm Fifty Shades of Hot
  Stephanie Draven, Megan Hart, Eliza Knight, Janet Mullany, Kate Poole, Damon Suede
8:00 pm BBF Closes for the Night
Saturday, September 28
12:00 pm Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult
  Elissa Petruzzi, Moderator; Jennifer L. Armentrout, Em Garner, Cheryl Klam, Brien Michael, Lea Nolan, Jeri Smith-Ready
1:00 pm Blogging About Books
  Moderator: Lea Nolan, Author
Andye Eppes, ReadingTeen.net, Jen Fisher, Jenuine Cupcakes/Young Adult Book Central, Hannah McBride, The Irish Banana Review, Stephanie Sinclair, Cuddlebuggery, Jillian Stein, Read-Love-Blog, Joy Harris, Joyfully Reviewed
2:00 pm Scottish Highlander Romance
  Terri Brisbin, Diana Cosby, Eliza Knight, Kate Poole
3:00 pm Writing Military Romance
  Robin Covington, Laura Kaye, Geri Krotow, Elisabeth Staab
4:00 pm CRAFT: Plotting vs Pantsing, OR How to Come Up with Your Story
  Christi Barth, Terri Brisbin, Diana Cosby, Joya Fields, Andrew Grey, Lea Nolan
5:00 pm No Holds Barred with Editors and Agents

Come prepared with questions you’ve always wanted agents and editors to answer. And, for the especially daring, come with 5 copies of the first page of your manuscript and the panelists will offer feedback on what works and what to work on! (Instructions: 1 page only! Typed, place name/email/title/genre at top, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 pt font; you may begin submitting your pages 30 minutes before session. It’s possible we won’t be able to get through all pages)

Lindsey Hemphill, Literary Agent, ICM
Treva Harte, Editor, LooseId
Mary Sue Seymour, Literary Agent, Seymour Agency

6:00 pm Writing Science Fiction
  Em Garner, Cheyrl Klam, PJ Schnyder, Misty Waters
7:00 pm LGBT Characters and Romance
  Stephanie Burke, Andrew Grey, Treva Harte, Brien Michaels, Jeri Smith-Ready, Damon Suede
8:00 pm BBF Closes for the Night
Sunday, September 29
12:00 pm The Craft of Writing
  Christi Barth, Kate Dolan, Stephanie Draven, Christie Kelley, Jean Murray
1:00 pm The Part-Time Writer
  Ann Arbaugh, Robin Covington, PJ Schnyder, Elisabeth Staab, Misty Waters, Laura Welling
2:00 pm Writing the Hot Contemporary
  AC Arthur, Christi Barth, Robin Covington, Andrew Grey, Laura Kaye, Kimberly Kincaid
3:00 pm Writing a Fiction Series
  AC Arthur, Kendra Leigh Castle, Andrew Grey, Brigid Kemmerer, Jean Murray, Elisabeth Staab
4:00 pm Writing Multi-Cultural and Interracial
  AC Arthur, Vivi Dumas, Robin Covington, Lea Nolan, Caridad Pineiro
5:00 pm The Paranormal Badboys – Vampires and Werewolves
  Kendra Leigh Castle, Vivi Dumas, Jean Murray, Caridad Pineiro, Elisabeth Staab
6:00 pm Author Meet and Greet at the MRW Tent
  Mingle with authors and get your last-minute book purchases from the Ukazoo Store signed
7:00 pm BBF 2013 Closes

New Website Launches

Thanks to the team at Bemis Promotions and the website committee: Janet Mullany (chair), Joyce Flinn, Margaret Hren, Pamela Murray, and Miguelina Perez.

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