2014 Election Results

Congratulations and a big thank you to our Board, Committee Chairs and Liaisons for 2014!

Board of Directors:
President: Christi Barth
Vice President: Laura Thomson
Vice President Communications (includes publicity & website liaison & newsletter): Janet Mullany
Treasurer: Toni Picker
Secretary: Shelley Greene

*Publicity: Patricia Eimer
*Facebook Liaison: Leslye Reaves
*Twitter Liaison: Jamaila Brinkley
*Website Liaison: Leslye Reaves
Programming: Anna Genest and Donna Blake
Hospitality: Kira Decker and Kathleen Rybarczyk
PAN Liaison: Stephanie Dray
PRO Liaison: Loni Glover
Indie Liaison: Amy Villalba
Critique Group: Robin Covington
Online Workshop Coordinator: Eliza Knight
Baltimore Book Festival: Laura Kaye
Assistant BBF Chair: Lea Nolan